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Rediscover the Sacred Art of Ritual

​Partake Of The Collective Wisdom Of Our Ancestors

Rediscover the Inherent Magic of Being Human
Enjoy of the Deep Healing Ritual has Offered Humans for Millennia
Participate in Rituals Designed to Heal the Wounds of Contemporary Life
Many of us have lived complicated lives...with trauma and suffering creating a veil over much of our human experience. Some have lost contact with the joyful innocence felt as children; and others may be seeking to experience these feelings for the first time, wanting to believe in their existence even though they may not have been an abiding part of their own lives. 
I know in my bones that there is magic and mystery alive in the world, and in each of us. Through personal and small group ritual, it is possible to reconnect, rediscover, or discover for the very first time the experience of this magic; and, the realization that being human is a sublime gift, resplendent with a joyfulness waiting to be awakened. Ritual allows us to gather the disparate parts of ourselves and become a part of that wonderland where magic and mystery live. Ritual invites us back into our right brains and the joys of being connected with our wild, wonderful, and sublime selves.
Consider rituals for... 
  • Celebrating birth

  • Healing birth trauma

  • Reconnecting to the rhythms of life

  • Setting boundaries, defining the self

  • Opening the heart

  • Discovering our inner warrior

  • Facilitating our rebirth

  • Honoring transitions

  • Marriage

  • Wedding our masculine and feminine energies

  • Baptisms

  • Naming ceremonies

  • Divorce

  • Death

  • Healing religious trauma

For eons, humans have used ritual as a form of healing grief and trauma as well as for celebrating and honoring transitions and milestones. Ritual has a way of penetrating us to the bone; by transmuting the abstract into form, and thought into our felt senses. When we experience something directly in our bodies, something miraculous seems to happen, something that cannot happen if only our “thinking” and “rational” minds are involved.
I invite you to discover the magic healing potential of ritual through rituals designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of 21st century humans. Come explore this beautiful, ancient, sacred art, and be prepared to be astonished.
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