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 Sacred Gardens to Honor and Celebrate Our Loved Ones 

A lovely way to honor a momentous occasion is to give, or procure for oneself, a container garden designed with rare and unusual plants. This garden will live for many years, and can be taken along wherever one goes. I offer gardens for indoors as well as out, and they are available during every season, though the designs are dependent upon what plants are locally available at the time. With enough lead-time, I may also be able to procure more unusual plants from my online resources.


If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would be happy to create such a garden for you. We can discuss where it will be located, and I can provide you with a beautiful, original design starting at $175. The images that you see on this page give you an idea of the offerings that might be available spring, summer, winter, and autumn. If you live outside the Bay Area, I am happy to provide you with a design and online resources for the plants and ornaments I would suggest for your garden design. This service would be billed by the hour at a charge of $50 per hour.

These gardens make lovely wedding gifts, and are suitable as a way of honoring births, deaths, birthdays, rites of passage, Christmas; holy holidays…the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Please contact me if you are interested in this service. After a brief consultation wherein we determine your needs and desires, I will begin working on your design. Two weeks lead-time is preferred; however, more urgent requests may be considered.

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