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Beauty has long been considered a portal to the divine, and so beauty has always been an important part of my life. I also believe that it is an important piece of self-care as it nurtures, grounds, and inspires us, while also awakening each of our senses. Whether exploring new music and sounds, textures, colors, objects, or plants, there is a world waiting to be seen as it has never been seen before. Let me assist in the awakening of these senses in you, and show you the myriad ways beauty can become a part of your life, restoring equilibrium and invoking a sense of the sacred as you explore this portal.
We can also discuss ways that you can take care of yourself, and make this as important a piece of your life as anything else that you do. Self-nurturance is more than a concept or platitude, and it does not imply being narcissistic. It is a way of connecting with our higher selves and honoring these bodies of ours that enable us to do, and be, everyday of our lives.
Among the services I offer, in addition to spiritual care and ritual leadership, is altar design. Whether you consider yourself to be spiritual or religious, or neither, having a place in your home where you place objects that are of importance to you is a way of reconnecting with yourself. This space can remind you of what matters, and spending time there can become a daily ritual. You can light candles; write in your journal, commune with the Gods and Goddesses with whom you feel connected, and honor those in your life in whose presence you feel gratitude and love.

Together we can create this beautiful and evocative space from objects already in your home; and, we can add others as we explore together what matters and moves you. I have many ideas I would love to share with you, ideas that will take you more deeply into yourself, bring calm, and that can help center you at the beginning or end of your day.

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