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"Claire was magical in how she guided my partner and me through the process of designing a marriage ceremony that fully reflected who we are and what we needed to include in the ritual to make it meaningful. She had some unexpected ideas that made it perfect for us. In some ways, the ritual began when we started the work with her as we discovered together the deeper meaning of what we were doing and made that manifest in her design. Our marriage wasn’t an event but rather an expression in time of who we are."

Cynthia R.

“Having worked alongside Chaplain Claire, I knew it was her energy I needed most when I was a patient one night in the emergency department.


Her calm presence offered me a deep sense of comfort. Claire is on my local, in-case-of-emergency (ICE) call list.”

Rev Lisa j Winston

San Rafael, CA

“We thank you, Claire, for your love, your shared knowledge and precious objects for our ceremony. We treasure what you gave to us that beautiful moment.”

George L.

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