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Reconnect with What Brings Meaning to Your Life

Rediscover Your Inherent Nobility

Remember Who and What You Are

Re-order Your Priorities

Discover the Riches Living Within Your Inner Depths

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At some point in our lives, many of us will lose touch with what really matters to our hearts and souls. This can happen for a number of reasons and is often related to the life cycle itself. In our twenties, we might be focused on finding a partner or a meaningful career; our thirties might find us immersed in the responsibilities associated with raising children and balancing our complicated and complex lives. Every decade brings its joys and challenges. And, at some point, we may begin feeling a niggle that is asking us "Who am I and How Shall I live?"

At this juncture, some may seek a therapist; for others, the questions feel more existential. They are full of longing and a desire to return home, perhaps to a simpler, more creative time when we felt more connected to our higher selves and to life itself. It is easy to lose touch not only with our own divinity, but also with our own humanity.


Many of us have moved away from traditional religious practice, but the desire to find meaning in our lives is a deep longing alive in the human soul. A spiritual life is a life that honors the dignity of others, as well as our own. It might include practices more "traditional" in nature, such as prayer or meditation, and more ancient, such as ritual; or we might simply set aside time each day for writing, reading, and silent contemplation. Enquiring deeply into our own experience can enable us to re-establish contact with our senses. If you don't have a spiritual practice, you still can be spiritual; and your own practice might look quite different from what I have suggested here. But whatever the case, as our lives unfold, we often feel a deep longing in our souls to feel closer to ourselves, to God, the Universe, True Nature...there are many words to describe what is, ultimately, at the foundation of the Universe, and that is Love.

We can work together to rediscover and reconnect with the lost parts of your Self through...

Private Spiritual Counseling Sessions, in Person or Via Skype

Silent and/or Guided Meditations, Invocations or Prayer Sessions, in Groups or on an Individual Basis

Personal Rituals

Through a combination of modalities that will invite the participation of all of your senses, we can work together to illuminate and reveal your heart's desires.

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